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Here’s What To Expect If You Get A DUI

The series of events leading up to a DUI doesn’t matter when you’re stumbling your way through the field sobriety test, and the penalties of refusing to take one can be even worse.  Every year thousands of drivers get tagged for a DUI, many of them for the first time, and most of them are terrified about what’s to come.  If you’re currently going through a DUI case and need to know what to expect or have a friend or family member who’s about to, then this handy guide will prepare you.

You’re Going To Go To Jail, Possibly For The Night

The first thing that happens in any DUI case is you get cuffed, put in the back of a police car, and taken down to the local station.  Once you arrive you’ll go through the intake process, which includes fingerprinting and a mug shot at the very least.  You may also be required to stay the night, as many states are taking steps to prevent DUI offenders from getting out on bail until they’re sober.

A Trip To The Courtroom

A trip to the courtroom is essentially inevitable if you’ve been convicted of a DUI, and you’ll see it at least once even if it’s your first offense.  The date of your appearance will appear either on the ticket you receive, or you’ll be notified of when your case is to be held.  If you’re considering pleading not guilty after having failed a field sobriety test, don’t.  The field cams on police cars will have recorded the whole thing and you’ll definitely be going to jail without some serious evidence to back you up.  Consider contacting a Mesa DUI Attorney before you make your plea either way.

Your Driver’s License May Be Curtailed Or Revoked

There is a very strong possibility that you will lose all or some of your rights to utilize your driver’s license, at least until some prerequisites are met.  These can include going to driver’s school, a period of time on probation, or the installation of a breathalyzer lock on your vehicle.  This last will be at your own expense of course.  If you made the mistake of refusing a field sobriety test, blood test, or breathalyzer test you may have already lost your license depending on the state you’re in.

Expect To Pay A Fine, Or At Least Court Costs

DUI Proceedings can be an expensive process, and the state isn’t going to cover it for your benefit.  If you are subjected to DUI proceedings you’ll be expected to pay the related court costs.  You’ll also be subject to a fine, as well as possible other charges including damages caused and the aforementioned breathalyzer lock on your vehicle if it’s deemed necessary. The more that’s involved in your charge, the higher the fine is going to be.


While this one isn’t a given, it’s much more likely if this happens to be your second (or greater) violation, or if someone’s life was put at risk during your operation of the vehicle.  Even if you get away without jail time you’ll be placed on probation, a situation that will cost you monthly maintenance costs.

DUI’s can have long-lasting repercussions even if you didn’t hurt anyone or damage anything while you were driving.  They’ll become part of your permanent driving record and repeated incidents can result in revocation of your ability to ever have a license.  If you’re dealing with a DUI charge be certain to contact attorneys who are experienced with them to help you see your way clear.

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